I. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Photo: Journey Era

Photo: Journey Era

Photo: Journey Era

Lauterbrunnen is a quaint alpine village located in the Jungfrou region. The village is located in a narrow valley with huge cliffs on either side and waterfalls, mountains, and trails all around. There is so much to see in this beautiful village, and there are so many things to do, from paragliding off the ridge through the valley, to hopping on a cable car and riding up to a beautiful viewpoint. There are even multi-day hikes with huts to stay in along the journey. These are just a few of the reasons why Lauterbrunnen is on the top of my list.

II. Mentawai Islands

Photo: Asia Dreams

Photo: Asian Dreams

The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands located ninety-three miles off the western coast of Sumatra. These islands are the perfect getaway with their pristine sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise waters, and lush tropical rainforest. You can spend your time surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, lounging on the sand, or exploring the jungle.

III. American Samoa

Photo: American Field Trip

Photo: American Field Trip

Visiting American Samoa is another place that I would love to experience. The U.S. territory is made up of five islands covered in beautiful lush greenery. Once there, you can rent bikes to get around the small islands, and you can catch a boat to hop between them. These quiet islands are covered with incredible hikes, beautiful beaches, and great places to kayak.

IV. Azores Islands

Photo: Geeky Explorer

Photo: Tiffany Nguyen

The Azores islands are a dream stop on my list. This archipelago is made up of nine beautifully diverse islands located off the coast of Portugal. These islands are so loved for their wild untouched beauty. Here you can find stunning blue lakes, wild jungles, cascading waterfalls, hot springs, mountains, beaches, wildflowers, volcanoes, hikes, and even more.

V. The Seychelles Islands

Photo: Simon Dannhauer

Photo: This Island Life

The Seychelles Islands are some of the most picturesque islands in the world. They are located northwest of Madagascar off the eastern coast of Africa. Various hiking trails lead you through the jungle where you will be engulfed in giant coco de mer palms. Aside from a vast number of birds, you'll likely encounter giant tortoises inhabiting the island and beautiful marine life below the sea.

VI. Dolomites

Photo: Renee Roaming

Photo: Renee Roaming

Photo: Renee Roaming

Located on the north-eastern boarder of Italy, near Austria, are the breathtaking Dolomites. This mountain range makes up some of, if not the most beautiful hiking in the entire world. The pictures say more than enough about why I so desperately want to visit these mountains!

VII. Menorca

Photo: The Common Wanderer

Photo: The Common Wanderer

Photo: The Common Wanderer

Another island that I would love to explore is Menorca. As the second largest island off the coast of Spain, Menorca is filled with rich history, picture perfect towns, a plethora of beautiful beaches, and beauty all around.

VIII. Patagonia

Photo: Abercrombie and Kent

Photo: Alamy

Another breathtaking place that has been calling my name is Patagonia. Patagonia stretches over four hundred thousand square miles in Argentina and Chile. Aside from the rugged peaks and turquoise lakes, you can find tons of wild animals such as guanacos (fury, long necked herbivores of the camel family), Andean foxes, the South Andean deer, the huemul, and even colonies of magellanic penguins!

IX. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Photo: Laidback Trip

Photo: Laidback Trip

The Milford Sound is a fiord in the south of New Zealand. It is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, and it is one of the most popular destinations in New Zealand. The Milford Track, having been claimed as one of the most beautiful walks in the world, is a beautiful way to see the area. It is a 32 mile hike with huts to stay in along your journey.

X. St. Lucia

Photo: Si Swimsuit

Photo: Blue Sky Luxury Travels

With its two unique mountains known as Pitons, lush tropical greenery, and brilliant sandy beaches, St. Lucia is a must for you Caribbean adventure. You can enjoy your time here relaxing on the beaches, climbing the steep, rugged Pitons, or searching for waterfalls in the jungle.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the top ten places I want to visit and maybe even discovered somewhere new!